Looking for a competitive advantage? You should probably know who you are competing with, even before you create your strategies for sales and marketing. eOutsource provides services to you for converting your competitor’s information into useful strategies for your products. It gives an insight into the availability and appearance of your products on english language creative writing coursework the search engine. We have designed solutions that meet your business requirements. We organize, analyze and interpret the details related to your competitors.
We gather information related to prices, promotions from your competitors and online retailers. Then we present this data opposed to your own data and create a report. This helps you compare the prices that you offer with those of your competitors. You can immediately know where you need to adjust according to the data captured. We help you get familiar with your variations every week or month, and then assist you with determining the trends of pricing.
We keep you informed about the price changes that happen on your competitors’ websites, any new introductions or products, or even removal of old products from their catalog. We integrate product attributes across the categories to help you filter the data and compare it. We conduct a SWOT analysis and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor. We also keep a track on the price trends and help you with calibrating the variations and adjust your price range accordingly.
We monitor discounts, promotions and schemes which are offered by your competitor. This we do to help you recognize the possibilities beyond your business. We believe in adhering strictly to ethics while collecting how to start a narrative essay examples competitors’ data. With Amazon Competitor Analysis services, we assist you to understand the challenges in the market and create an effective strategy to guide you in making a strong niche in the Amazon environment.
Under Amazon Competitor Analysis services, we collate information related to your close competitors and assess their activities. We analyze the information and help you gain knowledge related to the current market. We create reports, graphs and summaries for helping you make strategic decisions.