The sale of your products is greatly dependent on the images that go along with them. How? Imagine an eCommerce website without images, or even worse, even when there are images, what if they are not worth looking at? Dull and poor quality images can be a big no-no for your customers if you are willing to boost up your sales. It is always a good idea to have images that have a high resolution and are pleasing to the eyes. eOutsource offers a wide range of services that include Amazon image editing and processing services. This way you as an eCommerce entrepreneur, can stay focused on making profits while we improve your images. Our team is highly dedicated and skilled in Amazon photo editing, which includes delivery of clear, appealing, bright and high quality images using tools like Adobe Photoshop and working on them by cropping, resizing, retouching, and whenever necessary, removing unwanted backgrounds.

We improve the lighting, color and any distortedness in the image, clean up the background, add or remove borders, shadows and everything else which is required to create an impression on your buyers. We can remove watermarks, unclear backdrops, borders and unwanted shadows from the images. We can deliver images that are in the formats such as .png, .jpeg/.jpg, .gif, etc. We prefer images that are more than 1000 pixels in quality. This ensures that the product images can be zoomed comfortably along the height and width of the image.

Some of the predominant services included under Amazon photo editing are editing and enhancement, retouching, cropping and resizing, noise reduction, orientation adjustment, resolution and lighting enhancement, color and brightness check, contrast correction and more. It also includes image background removal, removing borders, image masking, naming etc.

Based on your requirement, we can rename product images, and add a unique identifier and optimized Alt Tags to ensure that they are SEO friendly and may also be helpful in increasing conversions and improve your sales.