eOutsource can help you create product listings or feeds on Amazon if you are an online seller. You can upload your inventory on the platform with our help. Informative and accurate content is important to help clients keep themselves informed and make decisions regarding product purchases. We emphasize on creating quality and engaging content and thus, help in highlighting the most important details of your products on Amazon. Product titles are especially important if you are willing to impress your customers at the first look. Additional details like brand, manufacturer’s details, size, and color and product type can be included to make the product stand out. It is not just essential to have images, but maintaining clarity and accuracy influences your product sales. We edit, retouch, resize and enhance the product images so as to attract visitors into purchasing your products. We take utmost care while editing backgrounds, remove shadows, and any unwanted blemishes.

We ensure that the key product features are shortly described, summarized and informative enough with focus on the most significant features and attributes. We believe in keeping product descriptions crisp and concise. We include information related to the products in the description, which further includes some physical attributes and its functions and more. We always check for spelling, errors and grammar to not lose customers. Furthermore, we include brand and manufacturer’s details, model number, part number, box content etc. We help your customers filter their desired product from the correct categories and subcategories, thus being able to shortlist their choices based on the results. We only add relevant details and cut short on the rubbish. We always check for the most commonly keyed-in words to be included in the search terms that customers use while searching for products.

Our team of professionals is trained to support our clients with beneficial services like Amazon product listing. We always choose the best of technology to manage bulk product listing services, such as Turbo Lister, Blackthorne, Amazon Bulk Listing tool and more. We have an ability to maintain and develop product listings on Amazon effectively and allow clients to experience flexibility, economies and control of scale. You can share with us the product details and other relevant information with us via digital or printed catalogs, your supplier’s website and that of the manufacturer whichever applicable.

We can upload your data directly from a remote system using saved login and passwords or provide you with CSV files or whatever you may wish to prefer to allow us to do. For all this, with our experience and manpower, we can take up the laborious tasks and accomplish the project within the time frame allotted, with an efficient turnaround time. We know and are aware of the process to tackle Amazon BARCODES and ASINS etc. eOutsource has a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals to be able to guide you throughout the project and also help you manage your eStore from time to time without compromising on your main business needs.