There is a lot of competition in eCommerce sector and every business owner seeks to offer the best to his customers and keep them coming back to purchase more. To maintain this, the sellers need to keep a track of the price variations among his competitor websites and adjust his product prices accordingly. eOutsource gives you smart and innovative Competitor Price Monitoring services to guide owners like you to stay ahead.

Our team at eOutsource can perform a manual and automated competitor price monitoring for you. We can capture pricing data manually from your competitor’s websites and we also have an option to use a monitoring software for the same purpose. We monitor the competitor’s price and ensure that you are guided and informed about the fluctuations in price trends throughout the day. This can help you come up with a pricing strategy which is beneficial and dynamic.

Our services cater to your requirements and we customize them according to your needs. We can help you by tracking the prices of a particular set of products or even monitor an individual product on your competitor’s eCommerce sites. We can keep an eye on your competitor’s product categorization, and the new products that they have been adding onto their catalogs, and thereby note down the change in price ranges. Our experts can collate and analyze the data in a simple format and also present the pricing data to you. We can represent all this with graphs and stats which we can email to you on a daily basis. When you are willing to recognize your spot in the competition, and not end up being the cheapest, we can help you understand this game of pricing through our Competitor Price Monitoring Services.

You can position your brands and price your products correctly with the help of the data analyzed by us. You can even devise a marketing strategy for your clients based on their needs too. Whenever needed, we can gather a product’s pricing history and help you gauge the demand for the product in the market. This will help you predict its pricing trend in the future.