Owing to the immense amount of ecommerce, the integration of multiple databases has increased and this includes organisation of data in a systematic, accurate and standard manner. A database system should not contain improperly formatted, incorrect, incomplete or duplicate data and must be able to convey information as and when required. Data normalisation and cleansing helps you with cleaning out repeated data maintain data integrity. It serves as a very significant part of data preservation.

For example, when your business deals with a number of similar products, navigating through them becomes a tough task. In such situations, structured normalisation is useful as the key fields are normalised and personalised for specific customers. By this process, product segregation and comparison becomes much easier. Normalisation leads your database to give the desired output as it minimises overlapping functions and maps the data items in the respective fields.

At Product Data Entry Data normalisation process involves the following

  • We thoroughly analyse your product data and look out for gaps, inconsistencies and duplication.
  • We set specific rules for data cleansing and proceed with data normalisation
  • We update all crucial data like product prices and product availability.
  • We ensure that product descriptions are accurate and free from typos
  • We take care to possibly expand all abbreviations and use standard units of weight and measure.

Our experienced team has developed a variety of processes using the latest techniques which would normalise your data and convert it into a logical format giving constructive results. Our highly skilled professionals will take up the job and achieve the results within a time bound period, at the most affordable price.

For further assistance, please call up our office promptly or send us an email specifying your requirements. We shall be happy to cater to you with our services.