In order to keep up with the ever growing business requirements, you need to maintain authenticity of your product database. For an efficient functioning of your system it is very important that the product data of your online store is highly specific and accurate. Duplicate data causes too much of confusion in addition to occupying unnecessary space and causing hassles in business processes, thus your system needs cleansing without  compromising the integrity of data. Deduplication aims at saving business costs by getting rid of unused and redundant data and optimising marketing budget.

Data matching refers to comparing and analysing data against pre decided criteria providing you suitable match sets of data compared. It helps to streamline data for business purpose by filtering relevant and critical information.

At product data entry, we offer data deduplication services to ascertain that there are no duplicate entries in your database thereby saving on crucial resources like space, money and time.

Our data deduplication services consists of the following

  • Data matching
    We run a data mapping program with the help of a pre fixed customised comparison to compare and match data and extract crucial information
  • Data merging
    We help you merge contents of similar products for efficient storage and thereby avoid data dispulsion
  • Data purging
    We assist you in getting rid of obsolete and unwanted copies of information
  • Database deduping
    We make sure that the final outcome is a clean and compact database

Why choose our services

Our team members work cautiously towards data deduplication using state of the art software and technology. We maintain data security and integrity through stringent security policies. Our quality control team devises processes that assure the highest level of accuracy. We offer reliable services at affordable rates and look forward to serving your business requirements.