At eOutsource we offer eCommerce back office support services which are reliable along with being cost effective to help online businesses and retailers. There are several arduous tasks like inventory management, order processing, responding to customers via calls and emails. The professionals at our company are well adept in handling these tasks with efficiency and effectiveness. There is always a customized solution for all your business problems – be it inventory support, chat or phone support or store management. The services we provide regarding eCommerce Back Office are highly convertible and give a high retention rate. We try our best to make sure that any visitor to your website never leaves without gaining satisfaction.

Our company has an excellent profile of providing dependable support concerning ecommerce. We have an extensive experience which makes us well versed with any of the business needs you might have. We watch out for every minute aspect related to your business, giving you ample time to concentrate upon core business activities.

The tasks encompassed by our ecommerce back office support services include:

  • Order entry, order processing and services for tracking of order
  • Accounting transaction services
  • Inventory management and support
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Services related to email, chat or call for customer support
  • Answering queries about the return policy of your store
  • Answering the enquiries regarding shipping and delivery time
  • Responding to queries about products and offering solutions and support
  • Sending outbound or inbound emails
  • Outbound calling
  • Approving the in-stock status or availability of any item for buying
  • Taking feedback from customers and organising surveys for collecting information

Accounting services

We are aware of the characteristic array of tax, accounting and financial requirements of an online business. We are able to deal with high transaction amounts. At eOutsource we can help you with reconciliation of account, maintenance of ledgers, management of payable and receivable account, payroll processing and preparing the financial statements of the business.

Content services

Our virtual assistants for ecommerce catalogue management can help you with anything whether it is adding a new product or withdrawing any of them from your existing line of products. With well-researched and elaborate product details, we can write a product description which is accurate, informative and persuading. Besides this, we also add relevant links, call-to-action statements and manage and incorporate campaigns and promotions on your page. After the proper classification of products in divisions and subdivisions, we make sure that the description and feeds related to your products are SEO friendly in order to engage both search engines as well as human shoppers.

Inventory support services

Like any other store, your online retail also needs an inventory which is well maintained. The team we have at Product Data Entry make you able to manage the inventory across warehouses, stock sheet of manufacturers, drop shipper or other points of distribution. We update the stock on a weekly or monthly basis.