If you are looking to handle your business tasks while handing over the responsibilities of the admin work to someone who is experienced and aware, you can hire a virtual assistant. A skilled virtual assistant can manage eCommerce business with ease. A Virtual Assistant (VA) can handle tasks like handling customer service inquiries, take care of returns and product exchanges, process orders, manage inventory,

Troubleshooting and being in touch with customers is an excellent way to boost your eCommerce’s image. This could be done using email, chat or phone calls. If you do not have customer services in your company, a VA can handle calls and complaints effectively. You can save a lot of time when your VA can solve one of the biggest tasks in your business- processing orders and interface with your fulfillment company. When you hand over this responsibility, you can be assured of tasks like collating orders, and other tasks like sending customer invoices etc.

Returns and exchanges can be unavoidable. A VA can simplify this task for you. A Virtual Assistant can communicate with your customers and suppliers and thereby create channels for an effortless process of returns and exchanges. A Virtual Assistant can take care of checking the stock levels, informing you about it and also place orders for you. You can allot the task of placing orders and coordinating with suppliers, send invoices and handle the tasks of bringing stock into your office or warehouse etc.

Handling your website and e-shopping cart is easy when you have a VA for it. If you want to keep your public image in a good form, your virtual assistant can take up the responsibilities like performing webmaster tasks, updating CMS, entering new products and more. You can assign the task of researching the competition and make your business powerful and improve your customer service, understand the competition, compare prices with your competitors etc. Whenever you need to add new products under the right categories, your VA can help you by searching for the highest rated products and find the best prices for them. Last but not the least, your VA can even track and announce special offers, promotions and coupons, and handle the details related to the same.