A new and growing platform, closely competing with Amazon, Jet.com offers lower prices in comparison. It is foretold to make among the top most marketplaces like Tesco, Sears and Best Buy etc. To sell on Jet.com, you will need an API. Our team at eOutsource works with the InteList to build a smart panel for sellers and retailers on Jet, and import your product feed too. Sellers are needed to provide relevant, accurate and productive information about their products to be on Jet. We understand the importance of quality. We can promise a place on Jet.com as we are aware of the guidelines and standards set by Jet and we can help you in uploading your product catalog.

Under Jet Product Upload or Product Listing Management, we take care of things like Merchant SKU which is a unique identification used by merchants to help identify their products. There is a unique ID used. We create product titles which describe products in brief. This also includes Multi-Pack Quantity of products, product pricing, inventory management in which we ensure that the availability of the product in stock is updated regularly within a short turnaround time while maintaining high accuracy. We include additional information if necessary.

When a product does not match any item on Jet catalog, we check with the availability of Jet Browse Node ID, product description, product images, dimensions of the product/package, and shipping weight etc. to be included on Jet. We make sure that the descriptions are short yet not too short and long but not too long. This way, it helps customers with making a decision to buy the product. With product images, we ensure that they have a great resolution and are high quality images which speak for themselves. Customers are more likely to purchase your product if it has a perfectly edited image along with productive information under descriptions without any false information.