Every page has a summary of up to 160 characters called Meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are the most prominent under search results when you search for something in search engines. They are words that give an impression to the visitors. Meta descriptions are important for eCommerce businesses as they can be portrayed as sales pitch. They can also be looked as advertisements which can help a customer decide whether to click on your website link or look elsewhere. These short descriptions can impress a customer or let them choose to buy products from some other source. Thus, by having impressive Meta descriptions, you can be found by customers and thereby, your website will be visited by your potential customers if applicable.

Google had announced in 2009, that Meta descriptions may no longer be considered when under their search algorithm. This implied that the website’s ranking will not be influenced by the presence of Meta descriptions. Thus, many users decided to not give importance to Meta descriptions as it would not be beneficial to them anymore. This was probably just an underestimation made by most users who opted out of having Meta descriptions. Even though Meta descriptions may not be important for technical purposes like search engine ranking, they still play a major role for humans. This is because the visitors who search online tend to click on the websites that are unique and interesting rather than those that are plain and generic. While that is one of the benefits, Meta descriptions do not take more than 10 to 20 minutes. When you consider the number of links your website is connected to, the possibilities are more. Thus, by neglecting Meta descriptions you may miss out on some important percentage of traffic that can be guided towards your website, and the probable sales.

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