Online marketplaces are popular but they come with a lot of competition to take in. eOutsource can help you stand out from the rest on online marketplaces, including Newegg. We help you create optimized and effective product listings following guidelines set by Newegg.

We have specialists who are experienced with this platform. We can create accurate and up-to-date product listings on Newegg seller portal and also provide content which is rich with product features, descriptions, and images and thus increase the conversion rates, increase the organic search results and also help you retain your customers’ loyalty. The services under Newegg product listing includes product upload, image editing, creating attributes, writing product descriptions and more.

We deal with a variety of categories for Newegg product upload. We create SEO friendly product data feeds to help you enlist your products. We can key-in information related to products such as SKUs, UPCs and brand, titles, attributes, descriptions, prices and much more. We make sure that your products are shown on the marketplace on time.

We can create new items and update the older ones and use appropriate data feed templates for your products. We can help you sort your products into batches according to their item numbers, UPC number or any other existing numbers on the Newegg database. Your customers need to search through millions of products to find just one product. It can be annoying to not be able to find it as soon as they expect. We at eOutsource ensure that the keywords and SEO friendly content can help. We also take up bulk product upload, inventory feed upload, product description writing and inventory management. We can create product listings in bulk using CSV or Excel files and validate them before submitting this information to Newegg.

We keep in mind the guidelines related to Newegg product data upload and create informative and productive descriptions that can be optimized for all possible major search engines. We can process the orders and track shipping details etc.