It is not an easy task to handle inventories and orders across many marketplaces at once, and even on websites and stores. eOutsource can provide you help with adding, updating and moving inventory on a regular basis. We process returns, create invoices, handle complaints from customers and accept payments across all your sales channels. We focus on making the tedious task of inventory management easier. We keep an inventory count and update the changes in stock quantities from time to time.

We also notice and update the unexpected sales when you may run out of stock for a particular product or more. We help you avoid oversell situations through automated tools which track and set priorities. Under order management, we streamline the process of an order from the very beginning. That is, from the time an order is placed to the return of the products. We handle sales returns and deal with any payment issues while a product is being returned. We have a back-office support system that helps you manage multichannel sales.

We undertake shipping management in which we track the products that are shipped. We can help you create multiple shipping batches per day. We can provide faster and accurate shipping services through you by helping you with printing invoices, labels and thereby schedule multiple pickups on orders placed. We aim to make your business reach out to as many places as possible across the country. We have reliable logistics and supply chain management support for you. We also have multiple delivery techniques to help you distribute your products across the country. We can help you manage claims which is generally a tough task. We offer professional claims management services where we can guide you with processing, tracking and reporting claims made by buyers. We can provide you with a login ID and password for this purpose. You can stay updated about your orders through email and SMS notifications. A smooth channel of communication is created between buyer and seller though us.