Product data classification is quite a challenging task owing to the vast range of products on numerous online stores. Moreover, different vendors use heterogeneous codes and schemas for each product based on their respective country and manufacturer. Hence data classification must be done intricately due to the complexity and vitality of the job and extensive domain knowledge required.

At eOutsource, we have an intelligent team who are familiar with almost all of the classification schemas and make the time consuming task of product data classification quick and easy. They help you accelerate the process of product uploading with complete attention and accuracy. They are well adept at handling large volumes of product data without jumbling up the schemes and codes and have a comprehensive and detailed knowledge about various product domains.

Main features of our services include

  • Customising the data classification procedure based on product data source, product domain and nature.
  • Validation of product data before the process of classification
  • Developing potent domain specific classification taxonomies
  • Classifying product data as per UPC, UNSPSC, UPN, SMD, EGII, MESC and such other taxonomies, using custom as well as proprietary standards
  • Filling in the gaps in product data whenever required
  • Classification of product data of Mix Taxonomies
  • Classification of product data based on brand, manufacturers identity and nature of product
  • Multi standard classification

We are capable of extracting and arranging unstructured data from crude sources. Our team is very dedicated and provides full support to all kinds of ecommerce businesses, be it a small setup or an old and established one. We give you the best turnaround rates in the industry and our price can be afforded by one and all.

Kindly contact our team to know more about our service.