Product data must be very precise and comprehensive as it is the most important factor in persuading a customer to purchase a product. A customer seeks to have complete knowledge and leave no apprehensions or doubts in his mind. Product data must never be inconsistent or misleading as it would have adverse effects on your business.

eOutsource helps you enrich product data and thereby increase the possibility of store visitors’ conversion. We have a team of qualified professionals who have a vast experience in this field and have been providing services to various stores on platforms like Magento, X Cart, OSCommerce etc.

Main features of our services include:

  • We evaluate product catalog and remove any inconsistencies by extracting information from numerous sources like PDFs, instruction manuals, online catalogs etc.
  • We add and update product data and validate it whenever required.
  • We enrich product data after thorough analysis and identify any gaps or errors with a view to rectify them.
  • We expand abbreviations and check for spelling errors to ensure transparency and accuracy in product names, descriptions etc.
  • We standardise product data by making all units of weights and measurements uniform.
  • We use unique, lucid and keyword rich product descriptions that would convince customers in favour of your products.
  • We remove duplicate entries form product data.
  • We help you enhance product images and improve image background with the help of latest photo editing software.
  • We enrich your product titles and meta tags by attaching original and distinct keywords

eOutsource offers excellent data enrichment services at the best turnaround rates and most affordable price. We help you minimise your manual efforts required to normalise product data and get matchless output. We provide 24×7 customer support. Please feel free to contact us for any queries.